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I will play xbox or nintendo switch games with you - GamerListing.com

I will play xbox or nintendo switch games with you

Xbox one or Nintendo switch

Casual or sweat games in the ones that are listed, we can talk on Discord on xbox party chat

Up to 90 minutes

Buy Now($10)

Hello there! I’m up for casuals or sweat games on Xbox games such as Minecraft, Roblox, or Doom Eternal, I’m also up for Nintendo Switch games and would love to play some MarioKart 8 deluxe or Smash bros Ultimate 1v1’s or team games. I’ll try my best to get us the dubs but just like you I'm only human. I can also coach and give tips to a degree since I’ve played all these game for a pretty long time.

We can talk on Xbox party for xbox and Discord for Nintendo switch. I’m also fine with recording, just give me a heads up. 

Finally I must let you know I live in Australia so I’d really appreciate if you're in another country and the timezone is different, it would be great for us to come to some sort of time that suits the both of us, but I’m willing to compromise.