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I will play league of legends with you - GamerListing.com

I will play league of legends with you

2 hours of League gameplay

I'm just playing for fun. I am decent in the midlane and pretty much a noob in bot.

Up to 120 minutes

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I'll play 2 hours worth of league with you. If the 2 hours are up, I'll keep playing until we finish that game. I'd rather not play ranked with you unless you don't mind losing LP :^)

I will be honest, I am not at the fitness level that you would expect an instructor to be at. But over the years I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge about what works and what doesn't. I am confident that with my consultation, you will see results in either fat loss or muscle gains. The one thing that hols most of us back from achieving fitness goals is not having a solid accountability partner. I will do that for you too. I will remind you and push you to do your workouts for the day. I will also help with nutrition, and am available for chat support

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