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I will play games with u or watch together - GamerListing.com

I will play games with u or watch together


1 Hour play or watch its your choice ;)

Up to 60 minutes

Buy Now($5)

1.5 a full hour and a half choose wat u like to do playing or watching I'm all yours

Up to 90 minutes

Buy Now($10)

Hey there :3

i play mostly league of legends on eune or euw server , we can play normals ,aram and i dont mind to play ranked too ,my rank is gold and im supp main and mid laner im sure we will have chill games together :3 with mic 
i can play other games just ask before buying 
if u don't want to play we can watch together anime or movies of your choice , just call on discord and lets spend time together 
 i love to spend time with new people I'm really happy to join this community