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I will be your professinial coach in fortnite


I will teach you about the game and teach you the basics on how to play

Up to 60 minutes

Buy Now($20)
Snorkel Ops

I will teach you how to edit well, build, shoot, hit a bunch of shots, and get better

Up to 90 minutes

Buy Now($45)

I will make you the best player you can be at the game, I know the tips and tricks to be a good player. We can use whatever guns in creative and then move on to whatever you want to do to make you a better at the game. Don't feel afraid to talk to me, I am very friendly. I will help you with whatever you need. We can do whatever you want. We will focus on what you need to do to make you better, I don't mind anyone, you can be a pro, you can be a beginner, Im just here to help. Let me tell you a little about myself, Im a 14 year old trying to make some money to provide for my family. I want to teach everything I know to new players. If you are ready this please give me a chance and pick my service, it would mean the world to me. Thank you and have a great day, because you deserve it!!!!!

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